About Us

We believe that Arab Bedouin women in the Southern Israel should put themselves at the center.

The Arab woman in the Negev region will leave her mark on the society in which she lives, her voice will be heard and she will be an influential and significant figure in her community, without being dependent on the support and approval of others.

Our association was established in order to meet the severe distress of the Bedouin population in the Negev, and Bedouin women in particular. Bedouin women face hardships on both Bedouin society and Israeli society. Many times they lack the tools and strength to deal with their problems. Together as a group we believe women will find the power needed to start change. 

We know much can be done for the Bedouin sector in Israel and we want to start the change from within, so that Bedouin women we can bring the change to wider circles.

Segev Shalom, Neighbourhood A house 56 –  P.O.B 56 zip 85740  Cell: 054- 3402471Fax: 08-6209270 4themselves@gmail.com